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The SFP EPON transceiver is a high performance module for single fiber by using 1310nm/ 1490nm/ 1550nm continuous-mode transmitter and 1490nm/ 1310nm/ 1550nm burst-mode receiver. It can use for optical line terminal (OLT) or optical network unit (ONU) for IEEE Stud 802.3ah™ -2004 .The EPON transceiver is in SFP/ XFP/ SFF interface. The EPON transmitter section uses a 1310nm/ 1490nm/ 1550nm DFB LD with automatic power control (APC) function and temperature compensation circuitry to ensure stable extinction ratio overall operating temperature range. And it is Class I laser compliant IEC825 and CDRH standards. The EPON receiver has a hermetically packaged APD-TIA (trans-impedance amplifier) pre-amplifier and a limiting amplifier with LVPECL compatible differential outputs. 
REG supplies a broad range of high performance fiber optical components for Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and Access Networks (ANs). The SFP modules include 100 Mbps optical transceiver for Fast Ethernet, 155 Mbps optical transceiver for SDH STM-1/SONET OC-3/ATM, 1.0625 Gbps, 2.125Gbps, 4.25Gbps, and 10Gbps optical transceiver for Fiber Channel, 1.25 Gbps, 2.5Gbps, and 10Gbps optical transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet.REG also supplies other fiber optic transceivers, such as, GBIC module, Xenpapk module, X2 module, XFP module, QSFP+ module, CFP module and so on. 
The most important is Cozlink supplies third-party compatible service for our customers. Our SFPs have been tested and found 100% compatible with various Ethernet switches from major manufacturers. 
The compatible brands include: Cisco, HP, Huawei, H3C, Juniper, 3Com, Extreme, Arista, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Zyxel, Foundry and so on.


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