Rack 42U
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Rack 42U

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Product Description

The 42U Universal Server Rack

The customizable 42U rack is configured to be compatible with almost all server manufacturer’s equipment including: Dell, HP / Compaq, IBM, CISCO and Sun. 42U Racks feature a symmetrical frame to allow enclosures to be bayed in space-saving layouts, including side-by-side, one in front of another, in a corner, in U or T arrangements, all without the need for an expensive intermediate frame.

Server Rack Features:

Color:            Black
Front Door:    Glas
Rails:              Universal Square
Height:           78.74″ (2000 mm)
Width:            23.6″   (600 mm)
Depth:             39.37″ (1000 mm)
Supports:        2000 lbs static
Wheels :          4 pcs
Fan:                 Yes
Removable Split Side Panels


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