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OLT ZTE | ZXA10 C320


Product Description



With the requirements of communication services increasing, the value-added services (VAS) including 3D network games, video conference/phone, Video on Demand (VoD) and IPTV are keymeans for operators to provide differential services to attract more subscribers, and gain income growth.ZTE ZXA10 C320, a small size, full-service optical access convergent platform, provides carrier class QoS and reliable network to meet the requirements for small-scale implementation of FTTx services.


■ Small Size and Compact Design, Flexible Network and Fast Deployment
 For GPON/EPON, supports 8 PON ports per card and 1024 ONU/ONTs per rack with 1:64 splitl

ratio and long reach up to 20km coverage, meets all the operators’ requirements for mass optical access roll-out scenarios. Enhanced L3 routing/VPN, meets L3 networking requirements.l

■ PON Unified Platform, Reducing TCO and Saving Initial Investments

The ZXA10 C320 adopts ZXA10 C300 hardware and software architecture, compatible withl

all C300 line cards, including xPON, P2P cards, greatly saving the equipment cost.
ZXA10 C320, as a unified platform, supports GPON/EPON/P2P.l

■ Low-cost Way for Full Service Provisioning and Network Convergence  

Time and clock synchronization function, supports synchronous Ethernet and TDM clockl source to meet the networking and service requirements for mobile backhaul.
Supports IGMP Router/Snooping/Proxy protocols, SCB and two-level multicast duplicationl functions, provide reliable multicast control mechanism and abundant IPTV profiles.
IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack function, supports IPv6 service processing and forwarding,l IPv6 QoS and multicast service bearing. Meets the operator’s requirements for smooth network and service evolvement to IPv6.

■ Full Redundancy Support to Ensure Carrier-class Reliability

Key parts of the system, including the main control card, the power input, work inl active/standby mode or in redundant mode, support share loading, provides high guarantee for the system.
Uplink protections include STP/RSTP/MSTP link protection, LACP/trunking balanced andl redundancy,support UAPS dual homing, BFD function and L3 routing protection.

■ A Green Product Contributing to Building a Green Communication World

Adopts green and environmental friendly materials, with a Smart and low powerl consumption design, ZXA10 C320 is the leading product in the energy saving and supports ports and boards dormant mode, the platform complies power consumption requirements with Europe CoC, RoHS energy saving and environment protection standards.


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