X FTTH Joint Box Dome 1x96 Dome

FTTH Joint Box Dome 1×96

FTTH Joint Box

Product Description

FTTH Join Box 1×96

FTTH join boxs

Outdoor splitter distribution boxs, patch panels (ODF), fiber closures are available. They have been widely used for the patch cords, pigtails and splitters management in various fiber optical solutions, such as FTTH projects, PON system etc.

Optical fiber splice closure belongs to the accommodation of the optical fiber fusion splice section system. It is widely applied to the connection of the fiber. Play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head  and storage . According to the structure character, the fiber optic splice closure can be classified to the Horizontal and Dome type. Sopto provides various good quality aerial, duct and underground fiber closure, including vertical and horizontal types.

Material: Plastic


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