Fiber Optike e Armuar 48


Fiber Optic Armored Cable  48

1. This specification covers the general requirements of Figure 8 self-supporting cable for aerial, duct and direct buried.
2. Stainless steel or galvanized steel selfsupporting.
3. Excellet mechanical and environment performance.

1. Accurate fiber excess length ensure a good performance of tensile strength and temperature.
2. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant and special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber.
3.The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight.
4. Steel wire as the central strength member.
5. Loose tube filling compound.
6. 100% cable core filling.
7. PSP enhancing moisture-proof.

Cable construction details

Number of fiber 2~144core
Moisture Barrier Water blocking system
Central strength member material FRP
diameter 1.4mm
 Mental strength member material Steel wire
diameter 1.0mm*7
Gallus material PE
diameter 2.2mm*2.8mm
Loose tube material PBT
diameter Ф2.2(outer/inner)
Tube-filling material Tube filling compound
Outer armored material corrugated steel tape
Outer sheath material PE
diameter 1.70±0.2mm



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